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Automation with robotics and software makes the difference in sustainable processing

As the market around pre owned technology grows, reverse logistics operators are challenged to keep up with processing the increasing volumes of devices which are traded-in or returned each year to network operators and retailers through various buyback programmes.

adapt works closely with its customers to automate their processing operations without the need for excessive labour or costly warehouse space.

Inconsistency in grading reduces the value of devices and the variances in operator performance impacts supply chains.

With machine learning and customisable grading criteria, adapt’s high-speed cosmetic grading robots deliver consistent results.

Through 360° visual AI inspection adapt has the ability to quickly determine the value of the device.

Bespoke Grading

Several standards have been defined for grading of devices. Sizes of scratches, cracks and dents on the device play a role in determining the grade of the device.

B2B and B2C buyers and sellers, including OEMs, define their own stringent or even relaxed standards for grading.

Our processes through technology partners are designed to be flexible to follow standards that can be configured. This allows adapt to tune to grades as per their market needs.

With processing being automated, this contributes to a sustainable proposition.

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We are an innovative, agile technology sourcing company that enables you to source, import and develop cutting edge tech products with the least amount of friction, cost and risk.