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We Enable Sustainability

We are a privately owned technology sourcing specialist, providing a complete end to end service – a leading sustainability enabler for the commerce, technology and insurance sectors.

We add value by enabling you to take part in the circular economy utilising our in house technologies. Contributing substantially to the transition to a circular economy, we are in a position to assist our customer base in accelerating their circular transition and performance

adapt are the first technology sourcing specialist to offer a system with transparent and immutable data management converting technology hardware into a carbon currency.

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How Are We Different?

adapt provides a process to help you change the world through measurable climate action.

We made climate change byte size.

By extending a product’s lifetime value plus keeping it out of landfill, our adapt Carbon Matrix allows our customers to benefit through the reuse of electronic devices.

This benefit is created through the prevention of additional emissions through new device manufacture.

We introduced the physical to the digital.

Welcome to the Carbon Utility Token (CUT).

The vision of our project is to offer technological tools and best practices that provide trust and transparency, bringing this greenhouse gas reducing opportunity to as many individuals, businesses, products, and services as possible.

We have a Durable Strategy

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Do No Harm

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We adapt to Change

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What We Do
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People of adapt

Barry Colman

CEO and Founder

Barry Colman

CEO and Founder

Barry Colman

CEO and Founder


The adapt Process
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First Contact

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Discussion & Planning

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Final Strategy

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About adapt

We are an innovative, agile technology sourcing company that enables you to source, import and develop cutting edge tech products with the least amount of friction, cost and risk.