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adapt is fully invested into the circular economy and the enablement of its partners to take part.

As a species, we need to evolve from “take-make-waste” economy to a circular economy approach.

We must not simply imagine reuse, we must do it.

Reduce waste, increase efficiency, and unlock value in existing materials. Our circular approach ensures that profitability and sustainability go hand in hand.

We strive to lead the way pioneering sustainable and circular business models, persuading end users to make better procurement decisions and influence more sustainable value chains. We want to prove how it is profitable for our customers to embrace the sustainable solutions.

The transition is already under way among the world’s largest consumer, retail, and tech firms.

adapt is one of them, through our membership in the Ellen MacArthur Foundation community.

What is a CUT Token?

The Carbon Utility Token (CUT) leverages the trust and immutability of Blockchain Technology to offer a public ledger for certified Carbon Offsets.

CUT tokens enable you to destroy carbon and give you power over your carbon footprint.

We offer CUT in fractional amounts small enough to allow any user to make a certain activity, business, service, or product either fully or partially Carbon Neutral.

We have created a pool of Carbon Offsets used in the CUT project. This pool of offsets is created through the reduction of harmful greenhouse gas emissions entering the atmosphere, are available to be transferred peer-to-peer and can be used to retire the full or partial Carbon Footprint of any given activity on the blockchain.

This allows you to invest in a cleaner future and helps you to strive towards your CO2 neutral goal.

CUT gives you circularity.

How does it all work?

5 basic steps highlighting how we offer carbon footprint compensation – easy, transparent, globally scaled and secure.

CUT sources credits from Certified Environmental Projects and tokenises them via our green blockchain.

Step 1

Handset gets traded in at store level into adapt trade in solutions

Step 2

Product reuse is tracked into adapt’s stock management system through IMEI recognition and CO2 KG validation is confirmed (XXKG prevented through reuse rather than new production)

Step 3

Volume of devices and relative CO2 KG validation enters green blockchain with conversion to CUT token value.

Step 4

Tokens offset against these volumes of prevented emissions

Step 5

Certificate of token offset sent to customer for internal offset against their own carbon neutral strategy

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